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My love of photography began as a child when my Grandmother gave me her old Kodak camera with the cube-shaped flash on top. I still have the old photo album with pictures from trips to the zoo, vacations in the mountains of Colorado and family events. As I approached my college years, I never really considered it as a career, so it wasn’t until I was almost finished with my degree that I took my first college course in photography, and I fell in love with it once more. I graduated with a BA degree in History and Journalism minor and went to work writing for a local newspaper. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it wasn’t for me and after a year I was done at the newspaper and started looking for new opportunities.

It was to my great fortune that I heard about Picture This Photography, and the company’s need for a new photographer. For the next 10 years I photographed weddings, portrait sessions, and the occasional event for Picture This. I honed my skills in taking pictures, working in Photoshop, and designing albums and other materials. Then in mid-2018 I took the next step in my photography career and took over Picture This Photography LLC as my own business. It’s been a fun and exciting trip so far. I’d love for you to join me.


Ryan P. Murphy