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Portraits sessions are a way for us to tell our story at significant points in our lives. Later in life they are portals through time, to stimulate memories of who you were back then. For that reason we want take your pictures at places where you made real memories, doing activities that help define where you are in your lives, right now. Take us to the park down the street where your kids play. We want to do more than take a picture of your musician senior with their instrument. Bring us to the auditorium where they perform, or the field where they march. For maternity pictures, show us the nursery your baby will sleep in and the garden you will enjoy as a family.  025025
036036 When you schedule a family portrait session with us, let's chat about your family a bit. We can explore some of your happiest times and visit them during your portrait session, so when you look at the photos 10 years from now, you will not only spark memories of your time with us taking pictures, but the other times you spent in that place, with the ones you loved, with artifacts from your lives and doing the things that make you happy. These photos really make looking through your photo albums special. 
We also understand the importance of getting those formal pictures, where all your smiles shine. We will not forget to make time for the pictures of your loved ones smiling at the camera. The ones that you will hang on your wall over the mantel or in the hall next to your bedroom door: the bottom line is we work with you and we focus on what you want for your family session, we just hope you let us tell your story, so you can look back are see the full picture of your life and your love for those who make your life special. Simonds2018_0002Simonds2018_0002