What its like to work with PT2What its like to work with PT2


First and foremost we are there for you every step of the way; through the planning, preparation and the wedding day itself. For many people, the most important aspect of wedding photography is taking the actual pictures. I disagree. The most important part of wedding photography is preparation. I am not referring to packing my camera bags with all the right equipment, having enough memory cards and making sure the batteries are charged. Obviously those things are important, but I am referring to walking into your ceremony location with all the knowledge I need of your wedding day and all the knowledge I need of you. After all, my job is not to photograph some random couple on their wedding day. My job is to photograph "you," on the most important day of your life.

The most important part of my preparation for a wedding is what I refer to as our pre-bridal meeting. About a month or so before the wedding I sit down with the engaged couple and we discuss everything about your wedding. Many times that includes a lot of information that is not necessarily essential for me to do my job, but most of the time even that information helps me put the couple, "you," into focus. The more I understand about you as a couple, the more of “you” you will see in your pictures.

This leads me to the next way we prepare for your wedding: the engagement shoot. It is an hour or longer session in which we obviously take a lot of photos, but we get to work with each other, get to know each other a bit, and hopefully laugh a bit. Again, to do my job in photographing you, I need to know "you."

Last, I’d like to quickly explain my relationship with the other photographers I work with. You can be confident that the second photographer that will be joining me is a seasoned wedding photographer, who I have a strong working relationship with. All photographers I work with have been trained by me and my fellow photographers. I am always confident that they will produce high quality photographs and act and dress in a professional manner. This long working relationship also gives me confidence that when you see your pictures, they will rise to the quality you see on my website and other promotions.

We will work together to determine the time and place we meet you on the day of your wedding. We usually start somewhere between an hour to two hours before your ceremony. We will meet you wherever you are getting ready and work around your schedule for the day. Ideally we will get all the photos we can that do not include both you and your fiancé. With two photographers we work with each of you individually which allows us to get twice as much done in the same time as one photographer.

We understand that your wedding ceremony, whether in a cathedral or your backyard, is extremely important event in your life and deserves our utmost respect. We take care not to be a distraction to those participating or those observing the ceremony. We never walk in front of your parents and grandparents sitting in the first few rows and we always use the side and center aisles in churches to get around. We use zoom lenses during the ceremony so we can get nice close ups without having to be right in front of you. Our goal is you and your guests don’t even know we were there until you get your photos back. After all this is not about us, this is about you.

LKD18_0412LKD18_0412 Typically we will finish your family photos right after the ceremony, allowing parents, grandparents and siblings to leave and either relax, or go ahead to the reception to make last minute preparations. We start this process with a list of the family photos you want and keep track of all the people you need photos with to make sure we don’t miss anyone. We can usually get through all the necessary family photos in 15-30 minutes depending on the size and complexity of the families involved. Next is the fun part, and yes I mean that. Your formal photographs will be fun.
We like to capture a range of photos of you and your fiancé (husband or wife by then) and of the whole wedding party; from fun, to elegant, to just plain goofy. My style tends to be on a more traditional/elegant side, but my style always takes a backseat to who you are. My purpose is not to take generic wedding photos of you, but to tell the story of your wedding day through photographs of you, your family and friends. That is why with any photograph we take the most important part is You; both of you. I like to give a couple a generic instruction, like “go lean on that fence,” observe how they stand, and then tweak it where necessary to create the best photograph. If you read that and thought, “But I’m so awkward, how will I look?” you are in luck, I am also so awkward in photographs, so I know just how to help you out. I am always looking out to make sure you are looking your best; but always your best “you.”
Your reception is the time for you to really cut loose, so by the time we arrive, there will be little for us to do besides chronicling your event. We help you out whenever you need it, but for the most part we leave you alone. For any of my all-day packages I will stay until the very end of the night, taking my last picture after the DJ plays the last song.
Ordering photos is easy through our online store. Six business days after you say “I do,” you can see all of your photos displayed on our website. You, your family and your friends can all order prints or digital copies of images right there. Keep in mind you and your fiancé will be shortly receiving digital full resolution images that you can use to print anywhere you like. With that said we hope you consider ordering some of your favorites through us and take advantage of our expertise in image processing and the amazing printers we work with to get you the highest quality prints. Album_PrintAlbum_Print
Through all of this you can rest assured that your Picture This Photographers are there for you. We want to tell your story, so call us and let’s start today.
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